Love hurts, but not as much as not loving

Love hurts. Yes, it generally does. But then, what doesn’t. In fact, it is a proven thing now that there’s absolutely nothing in the world which is completely positive, or for that matter, even completely negative. Things are, as we know, a mixture of both the worlds.

But, then the question arise, is it worth the suffering when pain is guaranteed? Definitely yes!

Why? Because:

  • It’s no fun succeeding, without failing.
  • The warmth of the home could only be felt if we leave it.
  • The pleasure of witnessing the light at the end of a long dark tunnel is divine.
  • Nothing in life is for granted.
  • This is what makes our life, so lively.

Even the vedas validates the fact that no human on this world could ever escape from his fare share of sufferings. That is, we all are tied to a cycle of birth, disease, old age and death where every step is as painful as hell.

So, we can’t just run always away from our fair share of sufferings, someday or the other, we might have to face them. Better, we face them with courage and smile on our face.

The stupid me, just realized this today, and that too a hard way!

Just as we need the harsh winters to be able to comprehend sunlight, we need heartbrakes to be able to fully appreciate love. So, never stop falling in love.

Spread love and joy!

PS. Some other things that we usually learn the hard way.